Automatic Die Cutting & Creasing Machine with Stripping & Without Stripping (Lead Edge Feeder)

MHC – FC/F-1100/F-1300/F-1500/F-1650
Model MHC-1100FC/1100F MHC-1300FC/1300F MHC-1500FC/1500F MHC-1650FC/1650F
Max. Sheet Size 1100×790(mm) 1290×940(mm) 1500×1100(mm) 1650×1200(mm)
Min. Sheet Size 400×350(mm) 470×420(mm) 550×500(mm) 550×500(mm)
Max Die Cutting Size 1070×770(mm) 1280×920(mm) 1480×1080(mm) 1620×1180(mm)
Max. Working Speed 6000(sh) 5000(sh) 5000(sh) 4000(sh)
Min. Gripper Waste 12mm 12mm 12mm 12mm
Max. Gripper Margin 10-15(mm) 10-15(mm) 10-15(mm) 10-15(mm)
Cutting Rule Height 23.8mm 23.8mm 23.8mm 23.8mm
Electrical Power 380v, 50Hz, 3ph 380v, 50Hz, 3ph 380v, 50Hz, 3ph 380v, 50Hz, 3ph
Air Pump Displacement 1.05m3, 12kg/cm2 — (prepared by user)
Main Motor Power 11kw 11kw 15kw 15kw
Main Working Pressure 300(T) 300(T) 300(T) 300(T)
Machine Weight 15(T)/14.5(T) 18(T)/17(T) 20(T)/19(T) 25(T)/24(T)
Machine Dimension 7700x4000x2300mm(1100FC)
Stock Range E, B, C, ABE, B, C, A and AB flute corrugated paper (1-8.5 mm thickness)

Die Cutting Machine

MHC – FC/F-1100/F-1300/F-1500/F-1650

Standard Components

Lead Edge Feeder

Sheet Transmission and Alignment Section

Computer Control and Monitoring Sections: Human Interface, Visualization Operations

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