Fully Automatic Die Cutting Machine with Stripping

MHK 1050 and MHK 1050 CE (Speed Master)
Features and Functions
  • CE approved centerline system
  • Auto Non-stop collecting device
  • Human-machine interface and PLC from Schneider
  • Overload protection torch limit controller
  • Timing belt driven system
  • Automatic forced lubrication system
  • Micro-adjustment of the feeding platform
  • Four side stripping unit (Optional)
  • Wide stock range for corrugated board and card paper
  • Automatic oil cooling device
  • High speed and precision feeder equipped
  • European, Taiwan and Japanese standard spare parts
Model MHK-1050 MHK-1050 CE
Max. Sheet Size 1050×750 mm 1050×750 mm
Min. Sheet Size 400×360 mm 400×360 mm
Max. Die Cutting Size 1040×720 mm 1040×720 mm
Gripper Margin 10-15 mm 10-15 mm
Inner Chase Size 1080mm x 745mm 1080mm x 745mm
Stock Range 80-2000 g/m2 (cardboard) 80-2000 g/m2 (cardboard)
≤4mm (Corrugated) ≤4mm (Corrugated)
Die Cutting Accuracy ≤±0.1mm ≤±0.1mm
Max. Die Cutting Force 300 Tons 300 Tons
Max. Die Cutting Force 7500 s/h (Die Cutting) 7500 s/h (Die Cutting)
Max. Feeder Pile Height 1600 mm(wooden pallet included) 1600 mm(wooden pallet included)
Max. Delivery Pile Height 1400 mm(wooden pallet included) 1400 mm(wooden pallet included)
Main Motor Wattage 11 KW 11 KW
Overall Dimension 6300mm x 4600mm x 2400mm 7700mm x 4600mm x 2400mm
Net Weight Approx. 16 Tons 17 Tons
Full Load Wattage 16 KW 16.9 KW
Machine speed depends on paper quality and thickness

Die Cutting Machine

MHK 1050 and MHK 1050 CE

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MHK 1050CE Stripping Section Exchange Device

Paper Collecting Unit

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