Fully Automatic Die Cutting & Creasing Machine with Stripping
(Lead Edge Feeder)

MHK 1650FC
Model MHK-1650FC
Max. Sheet Size 1650×1200 mm
Min. Sheet Size 650×450 mm
Max. Die Cutting Size 1620×1180 mm
Inner Chase Size 1650×1230 mm
Stock Range E,B,C,A
E,B,C,A & AB Flute Corrugated Paper (1-8.5mm thickness)
Min. Gripper Margin 12-17 mm
Cutting Rule Height 23.8 mm
Max Die Cutting Speed 6000 S/H
Max. Die Cutting Pressure 400 Ton
Total Power Required 38 KW
Electrical Power 380V, 50HZ, 3PH
Air Pump Displacement 1.05m3/min, 12kg/cm2
Mobile Lower Pattern Adjusting Range ±1.5mm
Machine Dimension with Stripping 11600mm (L) x 5530mm (W) x 2500mm (H)
Machine Weight 35 Tons
Machine speed depends on paper quality and thickness

Die Cutting Machine

MHK 1650FC

Machine Components
Lead Edge Feeder
  • Top gear and precise Lead edge feeder design,allowed consistent feeding with various quality corrugated board.
  • New technology polyurethane wheel surface with grid lifter and air cushion ensure smooth feeding and accurate alignment even warped board.
  • Fine vacuum suction adjustment though inverter adapts to wide range stock from F flute to double wall corrugate.
Sheet Transmission & Alignment Section
  • Selectable left & right side push lays to ensure accurate alignment.
  • Advanced non-stop adjustment of feeding time, reduces down time.
  • Front gauge non stop back and forth is adjustable to accommodate variation in Gripper margin.
Die Cutting Section
  • Die cutting station safety door and pneumatic die chase safety locking system.
  • Air cushion underneath the cutting plate for easy sliding through.. Main drive adopts high quality precision worm gear and toggle system.
  • New technology of driving index with large motion angle to allow gripper bar gentle start and stop, less and smaller nicks. required to achieve higher productivity. Equipped with overloading protection torque limit clutch.
  • Cutting pressure fine adjustment wheel with position indicate gauge.
Stripping Section
  • Stationery middle stripping board, coupled with zero jerk, smooth upper frame motion curve with extra punch at the moment of impact to obtain cleaner waste removal.
  • Gripper bar register block at outlets of stripping station ensures the accuracy of stripping.
  • Centre line system for quick stripping for too, set up and change over, computable with centerline.
  • Front edge waste removal system removes and transfers waste edge outside the machine via conveyer belt.
Paper Counting and Collecting Section
  • Escaletor delivery fork corporate with non stop air cylinder for neat and positive conveying to belt table, Bundle delivery table. is ready for further connection with breaker for inline operation (to be required at order).
  • Electrical batch counters as standard.
  • Spring loaded adjustable chain tensioner for maintaining constant tension thus reducing stress on chains and producing chains and producing smooth gripper bar movement.
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