Male and Female Braille Cylinder

In-line Braille

The BRAILLE is the solution for the Rotary Embossing of the boxes in folder gluer. To this operation is dedicated a module with can be fir on all the Robus India folder gluers, of new and old production.

The embossing realized in the folder gluer allows great benefits, including:

  • The uniform pressure on every score (“dot”),
  • Embossed without any delay,
  • The possibility to emboss without problems also close to the creasing.
  • The possibility to vary the embossing pressure depending on grammage and on cardboard fiber or on the needs of the final consumer.

Braille is the most versatile, Braille Rotary is solution patented on the market to realize the embossing of pharmaceutical boxes in 4 and 5 lines of Braille on single or double layer in folder gluer.

The Braille molds are made by CNC machine.
Two sets YASKAWA 4.5KW motor
One set YASKAWA 0.75KW motor
It will be equipped with double sheets detector.

Braille Specifications
  • Female and Male Braille Cylinder diameter is 141.7mm
  • The finished dots height should be 0.12 mm to 0.22 mm, the precision is ± 0.08 mm
  • The finished dots diameter is 1.8 mm.
  • The front position precision is ±1.5 mm.
  • The max. Braille speed is 200m/min
  • The braille unit total weight is 650kg

The braille dots to blank side Max distance is 150mm.

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