JT Series High Speed Fully Automatic Folder Gluer Machine

Types of Boxes
  • Normal two pieces box and two side bottom locking.
Advance Solution for some Specific Issues
  • Disproportionate Cartons can be run.
  • European Quality at Reasonable Price.
  • Upto 9 feet long carton can be run with cold glue.
Main Features
  • OUR mechanical technology carefully research the two-piece connected colorful corrugated folder gluer machine for the Packaging market. This kind of machine not only adopts single piece feeding but also adopts two-piece connected feeding. In order to avoid the limitation of the front printing equipment process, this machine saves labor and materials. This machine is practical equipment for increasing user’s profits and accept orders ability due to its easy operation.
  • Two-piece connected colorful corrugated folder gluer machine consists of a two-piece feeding system, servo positioning regulating connecting system, folding system, transmission pressing edge correcting system, patting pressing conveying system. It is able to handle flat box or low height box, transverse corrugated, vertical corrugated paperboard, all can be precise glued and formed at a high speed at a time.
  • When using single piece feeding system can be used as a general folder gluer machine.
  • Modulation structure design can upgrade machine function according to customer requirements.
Model JT-1750 JT-1900 JT-2400 JT-2800 JT-3200
Max. Sheet Size 850 x 1100 mm 950 x 1100 mm 1200 x 1100 mm 1400 x 1100 mm 1600 x 1100 mm
Min. Sheet Size 520 x 320 mm 520 x 320 mm 520 x 320 mm 520 x 320 mm 520 x 320 mm
Applicable Paper Corrugated Paper: E, C, B, A, AB
Max. Belt Speed 180 m/min 180 m/min 180 m/min 150 m/min 150 m/min
Machine Length 18800 mm 18800 mm 18800 mm 18800 mm 18800 mm
Machine Width 2800 mm 3000 mm 3600 mm 4000 mm 4400 mm
Machine Height 2000 mm 2000 mm 2000 mm 2000 mm 2000 mm
Total Power 42 KW 42 KW 42 KW 46 KW 46 KW
Max. Air Consumption 0.7 m3/min 0.7 m3/min 0.7 m3/min 0.7 m3/min 0.7 m3/min
Total Weight 12500 kg 13000 kg 13600 kg 14300 kg 15000 kg

Folder Gluer Machine


Machine Components
Conveyor Unit
  • Patting, correcting and positioning before enter collecting paper unit, to make sure that the formed cartons have not “scissors mouth” phenomenon.
Trombone Unit
  • Upper and lower belt can move forward and backward to adjust. Equipped with trimming correction device.
  • Paper jammed detection device.
Feeder Unit
  • Double servo synchronized feeding paper system. Vacuum suction belt, ensure cardboard conveying accurate and stable.
Folding Unit
  • Special super long folding module, ensure paperboard natural forming after full stretch in this function, left and right conveyer belts speed is adjustable, can correction cartons again and ensure conveying in straight line.
Bottom Glue
  • Equipped with four groups of front hook modules, to realize bottom folding function.
Connection Unit
  • Four groups of servo pushback positioning system, ensure cartons, ensure the carton height precision. Two groups of pneumatic side positioning system, ensure the precision of carton connection mouth. Two pieces conveying and connected during conveying, PLC and human computer interface control, ensure connection precision
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