Fully Automatic Film Lamination Machine

RI 1050-H/1050-E/1050-B

Fully Automatic Film Lamination high-speed Vertical High-precision and multi-duty lamination is a newly developed product geared to the market demand, which is specially designed water-based and dry laminating glue. The main unit is applied in cementing, drying and laminating, easy to operate. It can be used for multiple purposes, such as oil type, water-based, and dry type lamination. It is a new style laminating machine. The hot knife cutting device (optional) & flying knife cutting device (optional), specially for cutting thin paper which laminated for PET, PVC film and it is also suitable for cutting the various thin film.

Optional Configuration

Chain Knife, Hot Knife, Dust Remove, Window Lamination, UV/IR Coating, Multi-Roll Film Laminating, Corona Device, Anti Static Device.

Model RI-FM-1080AN RI-FM-1080BN RI-FM-1080RN
Max. Paper Sheet 1080 x 1000 mm 1080 x 1000 mm 1080 x 1000 mm
Min Paper Sheet 350 x 295 mm (Customization Available)
Overlap Precision ≤±2mm ≤±2mm ≤±2mm
Paper Thickness 100-500g/m2 100-500g/m2 100-500g/m2
Working Speed 5-80 m/min 5-80 m/min 5-100 m/min
Total Power 60 KW 65 KW 65 KW
Overall Weight 8000 kg 9500 kg 9500 kg
Dimensions 9500 x 2900 x 3100 mm 11000 x 2900 x 3100 mm 11000 x 2900 x 3100 mm

Machine speed depends upon paper quality and thickness.

Film Lamination Machine

RI 1050-H/1050-E/1050-B

Standard Components

High Speed Sheet Feeder

HMI System

Side Lay Device

Electric Heating Powder Removing

Pneumatic Laminating System

Mainframe Transmission

Disc Cutter With Pneumatic Sheeting System

Auto Paper Pile Stacker (with Assistant Collecting Platform)

Optional Components

Flying Knife

Hot Knife

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